Study: Obese Are Malnourished

Last updated: 2023-03-04 06:14


Spanish medical experts have reported that individuals who are overweight or obese, are malnourished and have an elevated risk of experiencing cardiovascular illnesses, stroke or even death, James Kingsland explains:

“Malnutrition is a largely underrecognized and undertreated condition in patients with increased body mass index, as increased abdominal girth is too often mistaken for overnutrition rather than undernutrition,” says Dr Andrew Freeman, director of cardiovascular prevention and wellness at National Jewish Health in Denver, CO.”

Study Reports That Obese Individuals Are Malnourished James Kingsland MNT


FDA Concedes That Dental Amalgam Is Toxic

The U.S. government department known globally as the Food and Drug Administration, recently published their report cautioning people about the multiple harmful effects of mercury contained teeth fillings especially for children, pregnant women and other vulnerable demographic groups such as the elderly and chronically ill, Dr Joseph Mercola elaborates:

“After years of pressure from Consumers for Dental Choice and its allies, the FDA finally admits the unvarnished truth about amalgam, noting (...) there is the potential for mercury in dental amalgam to convert to other mercury compounds in the body,” and mercury could potentially accumulate in body fluids and tissues, resulting in unintended health outcomes.”

FDA Concedes That Dental Amalgam Is Toxic Dr Joseph Mercola Mercola


Sleep Functionality Differs For Babies

Researchers at the University of California, Los Angeles and the Santa Fe Institute, recently published a scientific study that evidenced a distinct transition for sleep function between babies and adults, Nicoletta Lanese writes:

“Researchers use a mathematical model to show that infants spend most of their sleeping hours in "deep sleep," also known as random eye movement (REM) sleep, while their brains rapidly build new connections between cells and grow ever larger.”

Sleep Functionality Differs For Babies Nicoletta Lanese Live Science


Women’s Health Issues Contribute To Brain Fog

Clinical neuropsychologist and researcher, Caroline Gurvich of Monash University, is investigating the correlation between a woman’s menstrual cycle including menopause and how cognition transitions during these phases. In particular, there is a central focus on what is commonly known as brain fog, explains Suzzanah Lyons:

““Brain fog is associated with a range of different causes, Dr Gurvich says, from medical conditions like fibromyalgia, hormonal changes related to menopause and the menstrual cycle, to nutrition, stress, anxiety and fatigue (...) and brain fog also seems to be common in people who have had coronavirus, months after their infection has cleared.”

Women’s Health Issues Contribute To Brain Fog Suzzanah Lyons ABC

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