Steroid Tablets Are Harmful For Asthmatics

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The results of a nation wide asthma research headlined by the University of Queensland, Australia has recommended that doctors should reconsider prescribing steroid tablets to treat this respiratory condition due to its harmful effects, Stuart Layt explains:

“They found more than 120,000 such cases between 2014 and 2018, and identified nearly a quarter were in the high risk category for chronic conditions including diabetes and osteoporosis due to the level of oral steroids they were taking.”

Steroid Tablets Are Harmful For Asthmatics Stuart Layt The Age


Ethnicity Heightens Rate of COVID-19 Mortality

Medical researchers in the UK recently published their findings regarding COVID-19 epidemiology . Ethnic minorities were revealed to experience more severe symptoms and an increased death rate, King’s College London explains:

"The finding that Black versus Asian patients are affected in quite different ways, and that significant risk persists even after adjustment for deprivation and long-term health conditions, is striking. It strongly suggests that other factors, possibly biological, are important and that we may need different treatment strategies for different ethnic groups.”

Ethnicity Heightens Rate of COVID-19 Mortality King’s College London Medical Xpress


Sleep Difficulties Are Associated With Loneliness

Clinical Psychological Science recently published a meta-analysis study, that examined the correlation between loneliness and an individual’s quality of sleep, Art Markman, Ph. D elaborates:

“Overall, the results indicate that the more people express that they have sleep difficulties, the higher the level of loneliness they feel. This relationship is stronger for insomnia than for sleep complaints like nightmares. In addition, the more loneliness people express, the less effective they think their sleep was.”

Sleep Difficulties Are Associated With Loneliness Art Markman, Ph. D Psychology Today


Natural Treatment Approach To Cardiovascular Better

Renowned cardiologist, Dr William Davis provides a discourse on why adopting a natural treatment approach to cardiovascular conditions is more beneficial than the medical model:

“The modern approach to managing cardiovascular risk is an overwhelming failure. It does not work but allows, by neglect, millions of people to continue to have heart attacks, undergo stent implantation and bypass surgery, and fuel sales of pharmaceuticals and medical devices.”

Readdressing Cardiovascular Patients Treatment Dr William Davis The Wheat Belly Blog

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