Stanford Researchers Develop a Groundbreaking Biomedical Device

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Biomedical Engineering researchers at Stanford University have collaborated to create a potentially life saving medical device that detects the changes in blood protein and other biomarkers to detect disease and monitor a patient’s medical progress, Andrew Myers writes:

“As one example, Soh points to the “cytokine storm” triggered by the disease COVID-19. As the illness sets in, the patient’s immune system kicks into high defensive alert and produces loads of disease-fighting signaling proteins, called cytokines. In some instances, the body fails to reduce the threat level even after the disease is brought under control, instead producing more and more cytokines, which can lead to sepsis and internal organ failure.”

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Water May be an Effective Treatment for Metabolic Syndrome

Medical experts at the University of Colorado, have recently discovered that the simple act of drinking water to stay hydrated, can reduce the production of a brain hormone called vasopressin that elevates the risk of developing obesity, diabetes and other metabolic diseases, David Kelly explains:

“Vasopressin drives fat production likely as a mechanism for storing metabolic water. The clinical significance of this work is that it may encourage studies to evaluate whether simple increases in water intake may effectively mitigate obesity and metabolic syndrome,” said the study’s lead author Miguel A. Lanaspa, PhD.”

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Ultra-processed Food Sharply Elevates Death Risk

A large epidemiology study conducted by Italian researchers and published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, concluded that a diet high in ultra-processed foods and lacking fresh foods increased the risk of death by 26% and markedly elevated cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, informs the author of the I.R.C.C.S. Neuromed:

“According to our analyses - explains Augusto Di Castelnuovo, epidemiologist of the Department, currently at Mediterranea Cardiocentro in Naples - the excess of sugar does play a role, but it accounts only for 40% of the increased death risk. Our idea is that an important part is played by industrial processing itself, able to induce deep modifications in the structure and composition of nutrients.”

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Will You Eat Cultured Meat Grown From Human Cells?

Renowned medical expert, Dr Joseph Mercola strongly warns consumers of fake meat, that eating these ultra-processed, genetically engineered products poses detrimental effects to their health including early death:

“The mad rush for Fake Food and Fake Meat, ignorant of the diversity of our foods and food cultures, and the role of biodiversity in maintaining our health, is a recipe for accelerating the destruction of the planet and our health. Now, in a move reminiscent of something straight out of the dystopian film “Soylent Green,” scientists are even working on meat grown from human cells harvested from the inside of your cheek.”

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