Australian Children Rank Low in Mental Health

Suicide, unhappiness, obesity and only average academic skills have become common features of childhood in Australia indicated a new report published by Unicef.

Nearly One-Third Of Japanese 65 Years Old or Older

The percentage of people in this age group is the highest among the world’s 201 countries, regions and territories, followed by Italy and Portugal.

Stanford Researchers Develop a Groundbreaking Biomedical Device

Biomedical Engineering researchers have collaborated to create a potentially life saving medical device.

Steroid Tablets Are Harmful For Asthmatics

About quarter of patients were in the high risk category for conditions as diabetes due to the level of oral steroids.

Acidic Diet Deprives of Minerals in Bones

Acidic foods can adversely impede your health including an individual’s bone health.

The Toxic Truth About Tattoos

The infected blood with chemicals can heighten the risk of developing significant damage to their health such as the immune system and cancer.