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IMF: Difficult Times Ahead Before Global Economy Improves

The weakened supply chains, rising inflation and worsening climate conditions are hurting world economies.

Saudi Oil Giant Profit Enormous Despite Pandemic

With rise in first-quarter net profit and maintained its dividend payout Saudi Aramco beat analysts' expectations.

IMF Forecasts Bonanza Year For Arab States

In the next five years, the level of financial reserves to the oil exporters will exceed $1 trillion.

Taiwan Outside Of New Biden Indo-Pacific Pact

White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan confirmed that Taiwan isn’t part of a trade pact.

Biden's Global Warming Battles Increased Power Bills by 1k

After Joe Biden launched his energy policies, the natural gas prices skyrocketed by 61 per cent, according to new report.

Bank of Japan: Weak Yen Benefits Japan’s Economy

Due to structural changes in Japan’s economy, the benefit from a weak yen comes more through an increase in the value of profits companies earn overseas.

Japan Reports Four Russian Warships Sailing From Far East

A Japanese Self Defense Force patrol detected the Russian vessels, which can carry dozens of tanks and hundreds of troops.